Welcome to 100 Years Of Stories!

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Goodnight to all who left a photo
Even though I’ll never know you
Pieces of the past have taught me
Lives will always leave a story.


Welcome to my blog, thanks so much for visiting. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. If you would like to know more about what inspires me then please visit my About page. You can also follow me on facebook and instagram. I may also occasionally ramble here.

*NEW POST* Rosamund’s Scrapbook Fairies – Sharing some magical illustrations and stories from 1935 about a young girl’s imaginary world of fairies .

My Dearest Papa – A letter from 1842 – Sharing a letter written by a 12 year old girl in early Victorian England.

Have Yourself a Very 80s Christmas – A nostalgic look back at the Christmases of my childhood.

Christmas at School, 1904Based on a wonderful Edwardian guide to teaching book that I found.

A Beautiful Mourning – Sharing photos from my friend’s stunning collection inspired by the notion of Victorian Mourning.

Sindy Every Girl’s Dream – Fond reminiscing of my favourite doll.

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire – The Hollywood of 1900. -A look at how a small Yorkshire village was once one of the world leaders in film making.

Little Book, Go Far and Wide – A look at an intriguing little autograph book I found that belonged to a young girl in 1911.

Come Fly With Me – Sharing a little collection of flight souvenirs from grandparents to grandson in 1950.

Tales From The Treehouse – A nostalgic look at one of the popular toys of the 1970s/1980s, the Palitoy treehouse.

The Time Seems Long Without You – Messages from WWI – Sharing a letter and postcards written by soldiers in the trenches.

Sheila, 1948. The Diary Of A 17 Year Old. – A look at a wonderful diary I found, with every day of 1948 documented by a young woman.

The Secret Code of Ralph and Minnie – An insight into the world of the Edwardian postcard culture, inspired by some postcards I found written in code between sweethearts.