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Pieces Of The Past

Faces lost and heroes fallen, moments kept and moments stolen,

Write your dreams on scraps of paper
Thoughts of love in ink I’ll savour

Floating flotsam, unclaimed treasure,
Write your name and last forever
In this world of faded faces
People lost my heart embraces

Nameless smiles and unknown sorrows,
Take my hand and let me follow
Show me life and tell your story
In a blaze of paper glory

Quiet lives are so important
All have lived and loved so ardent
Don’t forget these captured faces
Lost and found in altered places

Hear the sound of distant whispers
From a letter in your fingers
Ink on paper lives much longer
Though the heart gave love much stronger.

Good night to all who left a photo
Even though I’ll never know you
Pieces of the past have taught me
Lives will always leave a story.